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Slide A FAMILY creating unique experiences
for your wellbeing.
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We give value to your projects, create everlasting ties, and develop a deep understanding of your and your clients’ needs.


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We create products that target the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household and  personal care industries, for the Colombian and Latin American markets.

Slide FLAVORS that fill your life…. > > FRAGRANCES that stimulate your emotions… > > DYES DIVISION That will make you smile…
That provides wellness...

Slide CO-CREATION We work hand in hand with our
providing our knowledge and
technical expertise to create
valuable experiences, always
keeping in mind the needs of
the end consumer.
STRONG RELATIONSHIPS We build trust by understanding the
priorities of our clients.
We count with a flexible
and adaptable structure
that allow us to meet the
needs of small, medium
and large industries.


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We seek to meet your requests for creation and delivery in record time.

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We quickly adjust to market changes to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.

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40 years of experience and recognition in the industry as a leading company in the sector.

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We are experts in creating long-term bonds with our clients based on trust, empathy and good service.

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It allows us to adapt and respond in time to your technical, commercial and logistical needs.