Research and Development

We create aromatic profiles in accordance with nature.

Disaromas S.A.
Disaromas S.A.

Promote development
together with our customers.

Disaromas S.A.

Thanks to our creative and interdisciplinary team of applied research and sensory evaluation panel; we are able to meet the needs of our customers, proposing new ideas and enriching the ones used now. Supported by teams of instrumental analysis and analytical chemistry techniques we developed aromatic profiles faithful to nature according to the needs of the market.


We create attractive and innovative products meeting the demands of today's market, based on consumer trends and innovative profiles, develop flavors and fragrances working together with our customers to guarantee satisfaction and well-being of the final consumer. We work with top quality raw materials that comply with international standards.


We have applied research areas and sensory evaluation panel in each division: Flavors, Fragrances and Dyes, with an interdisciplinary team of professionals trained to validate the performance of our products in different industrial applications. We work directly with the customer base, simulating the conditions of the process to ensure the performance of the final product