We work in the
constant search for
new taste sensations.

Disaromas S.A.

Flavorings aimed at ensuring confidence.

Disaromas S.A.

Innovation and performance in each creation.

Disaromas S.A.

We develop tastes based on consumer trends around the world aimed at the local market, offering a broad portfolio of aromatic profiles. Liquid flavors, powder flavors and emulsions for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

We offer special developments and a broad portfolio of flavoring targeting the segments of: beverages, confectionery, dairy, bakery and pharmaceutical.



Leaders in the creation of liquid flavors and applicable powder in drinks such as: soft drinks with and without fruit and carbonated beverages; offering a broad portfolio of traditional and innovative profiles, according to the needs of the segment.



Thermo-resistant and innovative flavors specially formulated for best performance in hard candy, chewy candies, chocolate and chewing gum. Our goal is to offer creativity in the flavor of products in the category.



We offer innovative profiles of pitaya, papaya, plum, araza and granadilla among others for dairy products, traditional profiles of black berry, peach and strawberry. We maintain constant innovation, seeking development together with our customers.



We deliver every day flavors from a creamy vanilla to Danish butter; together, we design the touch that the biscuit, bread or cake requires.



Broad portfolio of liquid flavors and powder of proven effectiveness for correct performance and incorporation into the ingredient when applying. Designs tailored to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.