About Us
Disaromas S.A.

Disaromas S.A. is a Colombian company founded in the city of Bogotá in the year 1982, thanks to its vision of the industry needs, it has consolidated in the Colombian market as the local leader in flavors and fragrances sector.

Versatile, reliable and bold, Disaromas S.A. is characterized by the needs of small, medium and large industry, working hand in hand with its customers. All operations are certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system.

Disaromas has three business divisions: Flavors, Fragrances and Animal Nutrition. The Flavors Division covers the development, production and marketing of flavorings, stabilizers, emulsions and dyes lines (COLORANTES). The Fragrance Division is responsible for the creation, production and sale of functional fragrances targeted at sectors of clothing care (FABRIC CARE), home care, personal care and fine perfumery. The Animal Nutrition Division was established to serve the market for products aimed at the animal production sector.


We are a passionate leader in the creation of flavours, fragrances and dyes guided by our motto of being essentially nature. That is why we take every day a new walk for our customers to develop unique experiences through the senses together with a talented human capital in science and research, which can provide the sensory trend that arouse emotions, and in turn, It offers value-added innovation, quality and service for the integral development and the benefit of our customers, family and environment.


Establish and strengthen relationships with our customers and suppliers in order to remain key partners, allowing us to achieve mutual success and increase market leadership of flavours, fragrances and dyes in the medium term. Also, maintain sustainable growth in the markets of the Andean Community and Central America with a sense of social and environmental responsibility.


Disaromas S.A. is committed to manufacture high quality products based on the needs and expectations of its customers through innovation, continuous improvement and competent human talent and through this gain their satisfaction and confidence.


We promote and experience our principles daily:


Confidentiality: We are a people that reflect conviction, loyalty and trust in the company, our partners and our customers.


Service: We are reliable and timely with our internal and external customers.


Honesty: We act conscientiously, with sincerity, righteousness, transparency and impartiality.


Respect: We are people who work in an environment that promotes dignity, tolerance and value people and the environment.


Commitment: We work with responsibility, sense of belonging and professionalism to meet the established organizational standards.